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THE Go to podcast for CRE

Chris’ podcast is essential for anyone practicing commercial real estate. Awesome interviews with interesting people in the business and Chris is very forward thinking on the intersection of technology and real estate/business growth. As a bonus, he mixes in super interesting interviews with leaders in small business, private equity and technology.

Great show

Chris is a very approachable and grounded host and has great guests. Highly recommend.

Great podcast and very informative

As someone who is looking to make a career change and get into CRE, this podcast has greatly improved my knowledge of the industry. On top of the knowledge it has helped me narrow down what specific asset class and line of work I want to pursue. Highly recommend this podcast!


Chris does a great job of diving into wide-ranging subjects, asking probing questions which results in stimulating and informative discussions. One of the best out there!

Inspirational and REAL!

Chris does an amazing job of getting guests to tell their stories in a way that goes well below the surface! His ability to get guests to open up is amazing! Thank you.

Great podcast for enhancing skills of real estate syndication

I’m new to syndicating real estate deals and the episodes Chris does solo that teaches many nuances behind this lucrative industry were extremely helpful in my growth.


Best podcast to listen to while I’m working out. Usually go back and listen again to the ones I want to take some notes. I always take something from each podcast that I can integrate into my thoughts, planning, and implementation. My response to how one feels about the mass of coastal population moving to Texas…Welcome! But, “Don’t Mess With Texas!”

Favorite podcast

Definitely my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to the most recent 20 episodes and now I’ve started from the first one. Chris is a great interviewer and his guests are top notch. Highly recommend listening if you are interested in real estate, entrepreneurship, small business, etc.

The Fort

Great podcast


A True Frog

Can’t stop listening to all of Chris’ podcasts.

Chris is a real estate guy. But don’t assume this is a real estate podcast. Yes, he interviews extremely interesting real estate people from all side of a deal, but there is so so much more. First, Chris is very very prepared for his interviews. He goes deep purposely and brings out real actionable business tidbits from everyone he interviews. He ranges from franchise restaurant owner to CEO super coach to flipping web sites, to CRE. Look at the library and pick your wheelhouse. Finally, I like Chris’ personal way about his interviews. Seems like a nice and honorable guy to know.

Favorite Real Estate Podcadt

Chris is beyond generous with his experiences and his company’s process for evaluating real estate. Most people don’t share their secret sauce to this extent and it’s delivered in such a real and honest way. Podcast unlike any other.

Great Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Podcast

This is my favorite podcast. Chris does a great job of landing quality guests, asking pointed questions and getting in depth answers. It’s an especially fun listen for real estate, but entrepreneurs and other businesses people will also find it to be a good listen.

Top real estate podcast

Chris does a great job of taking complex ideas and concepts with very smart people from multiple different industries and makes it easy to understand. This is my top podcast as of late, so thank you Chris!

Great Insight

Great insight on real estate, business and life. Well worth a listen.

Amazing Podcast

Chris has a talent for storytelling and interviewing successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. This podcast is amazing for all things business, not just real estate. This podcast is a must listen if you are on the fence whether or not to give it try.

Tons of great stuff!

A wide-ranging discussion on all aspects of business and personal development with interesting people you don’t hear everywhere else.

So much insight

Business/real estate/ investing, this has so far been the best podcast out of the hundreds I’ve tried. The host is relatable and the conversations are honest, ten out of ten!

Interesting, informative & entertaining!

Such a great podcast from a very smart cre profossional & love the business lessons!


One of the most humble people in business to have a podcast. No boasting. Just great insights.

Insightful, engaging, and actionable!

If you’re looking for impactful conversations from business thought leaders across industries - hit the subscribe button! Chris is an excellent host who really engages his guests in thoughtful and nuanced interviews. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Best podcast in CRE

And it isn’t even close

Become a high level expert on everything

I started listening to The FORT with Chris Powers at first to learn more about commercial real estate but quickly realized his podcast is much more than that. Chris is a great question asker and does a great job getting figureheads and thought leaders from various industries to answer basic questions plus give his listeners a crash course on the ins and outs of their business which allows me to walk away with enough information to be a high level expert. I listen to tons of different business podcasts on my commute each week and think The FORT is one of the best well rounded casts out there.

Love it - keep the real estate guests coming!

Chris brings on awesome guests and take a great approach to being a new perspective. I like the mix of real estate and other entrepreneurs but always want more real estate guests!

Insight has greatly helped my career.

I mean this with the upmost respect. Chris powers is the Joe Rogan of Commercial Real estate. Surrounds himself with extremely smart people, asks the right questions and it’s beneficial for anyone to subscribe too! Definitely helped my career!

My favorite podcast - hands down!

I can’t wait for a new episode to drop. This is my favorite podcast - period. Timely topics on all things business, real estate, investing and life. If you aren’t a subscriber - this should be on your list.

Great Great Great Podcast

A really relatable and useful business podcast. I learn something with every episode I listen to. It is clear Chris is extremely smart but he breaks things down and asks questions in a manner that everyone can understand and gain from regardless of their business acumen.

The Value-Add Podcast for Real Estate

Chris Powers of Fort Capital creates an environment on this podcast that yields compelling unlevered returns from the first listen. I look forward to each episode as I know I will undoubtedly learn something new to better inform my credit and investing instincts more broadly speaking.

Greta Work!

Chris has a variety of different industry thoughts leaders on his podcast. The thing that I enjoy most is how he is able to blend industry specific content and who these people really are on the day to day. They don’t hold back and give you a true glimpse of their journey. Keep it up Chris!

You will leave hungry for more

It is rare to see a series where you leave hungry for more wishing it was 10 hours not 1 hour. There is not one single episode I have listened to where I did not have a great take away. I have had some pretty concrete opinions on some topics where Chris has caused me to take a different perspective towards. I am always looking for reasons to discredit my beliefs and to challenge them to make sure I am not leaving myself open for blind spots. Chris presents information, guests, and dialogue in a manner that makes me look at the business world differently.