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Such a great resource

Chris is a humble and personable interviewer. His questions get right to the point and extract the most vital information from his interesting guests. I have learned a great deal from his insights and guests.

Awesome show

Chris has great content, and we get to peak into his curious mind too.

Best commercial real estate and all around business podcast

Chris delivers the goods. At first I listened because he brought on some of the smartest folks in commercial real estate. But his genuine curiosity for all things business has made him an excellent interviewer and allowed him to have a diverse group of guests where listeners get to learn something new every week. It’s a must listen every week.

Consistently delivers top quality content

Chris’ podcasts are always relevant, informative, and intriguing. Give it a listen.

Hidden Gem!

The Fort podcast is a hidden gem! If you are interested in business, real estate, tech, and Texas then you will not be disappointed. Chris does a great job interviewing interesting people from all those industries. Keep up the great work Chris!

My fav RE podcast!

I learn something new every time I listen. Great info from a variety of RE practitioners.

Great Show and Getting Better

Really great guests. Chris does a really good job of giving them enough space to talk and tell their stories while guiding them in a productive way. Very skilled at asking the right questions to make it easy for all knowledge levels to learn about real estate and a variety of other industries.

Little bit of everything you love.

Always interesting, never disappoints. If you’re into Real Estate, Business, or Startups this is your podcast. (And Chris is the man!)

Informative and entertaining

Great guests and illuminating questions.

RE as a business + much more

Love the format of the pod. Chris is not only a great interviewer bringing out important lessons from his guests, but I also take tons of leadership lessons from his approach to building a biz, RE or not.

Deep conversations that make you think

Chris asks fantastic questions that make you think deeply about the topics. Great podcast!

Great guests and candid conversations

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Hearing from experts in different areas offers a refreshing perspective and I always finish the podcast smarter than when I started. Appreciate all the time it takes to produce high quality content like this.

Great show for commercial RE and other interesting topics

Show/host works hard to get great and interesting guests and asks great questions. Very informative and one of my favorite podcasts (it’s often niche topics that i’m very interested in)

MBA-quality content

I’m usually not one for long form podcasts but The Fort changed that. Chris Powers’ thoughtful interview style is well prepared, inquisitive, insightful, and engaging. The best thing about listening to The Fort is you are guaranteed to learn something new in every episode. Whether you are a founder, a CRE expert, or a budding SMB owner/operator, this podcast will inform you like no other. The guests are as unique as they are experienced. The topics cover all sorts of niche businesses and opportunities. As someone who regularly curates his podcast list and rotates out the old or repetitive ones, The Fort remains at the top. This one is well worth your time.

Keep up the great work!

Chris does a great job of researching his guests and asking great questions. As well as getting a wide variety of guests from different backgrounds. Highly recommend the FORT podcast!

Number 1 RE Podcast!

I’ve listened to all the major real estate podcasts and The Fort is my personal favorite. Fantastic guests, and you feel like you’re sitting at the same dinner table listening to the convos. And it’s exactly that, a great conversation with well curated, inspiring guests. Kudos to Chris to allowing the guests to talk (not overpowering as a host). My go-to podcast when I’m driving around looking for real estate deals, the best type of motivation. Give me 2 years and I’ll be on the pod :)

The best commercial real estate podcast

My go to for anything commercial real estate related. When Chris does occasionally have guests outside that field you know they have to be good.

Teaches you a lot about life, business, and real estate

I learned a lot from the episodes I’ve listened to and the interviewer is good.

Great podcast! Very informative

Loving the pods. Learn something in each episode. Keep it up.

A must listen for success in biz & life

This pod features some of the most amazing people you’ve never heard of - the best in their craft sharing lessons that took many years + million$ to learn. Chris has a talent for pulling the good stuff out of guests. This is the podcast for finding people you want to emulate in business and life.

Best podcast on the web

Great content, great interviewer and interesting guests. Keep it up Chris!

Chris is a role Model for every young entrepreneur

Chris has outstanding guests that talk about subjects meant to improve the quality of your business and personal life.

Everyone wants to be best friends with Chris

Chris does a great job having on high quality guests and having very real conversations with them. After listening to him, you can’t help but want to be friends with him. I haven’t heard a guest on this podcast that I didn’t at least find a nugget of good information, and there are multiple that I have listened to 2 or 3 times again. This is one of those “can’t wait until the next episode” type of podcasts.

Absolutely great content

I am Enjoying the show.

Excellent RE and Biz show

Chris is a great host, wealth of knowledge and puts together an extremely authentic show.

Keep them Coming!

Great content! I look forward to these every week!

Episode #106

Thanks for going over this info. I am a recently launched one-man band at this point working on that first deal. This helps me think forward and clearly about what it is I am working to build and how to lay that framework and plan ahead accordingly. -Krv

Real life, real estate advice

Great podcast led by Chris, his topics are relevant, his guests are heavy hitters, and his experience is remarkable. This podcast is worth a listen.

Love the Show

Chris does a great job sharing insightful information and ideas from his team and guests. I always love listening to the show and by the end of it have always learned something new. Keep up the great work and thanks!

I’m hooked!

Thanks Chris for these informative and insightful interviews. What a perfect way to get to know some of Fort Worth’s finest on a more personal level.