The FORT with Chris Powers

Trust me, JUST LISTEN. The rest will follow

My boss develops major industrial developments across the north-East urban infill markets. I stumbled across Chris on Twitter since I started working (I’m 22). Chris, After going through your entire twitter page, I just finished the first podcast. I’ll skip the stuff viewers prob wouldn’t care for, but let’s just say Im hooked. My first thoughts, which I felt in my bones, after listening to your first podcast were, so where do I sign up?
And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do now. Sign up. Get up and Show myself what I’m capable of. Thank you to Jason Baxter and the legend from PCU as well! Best of luck. You’ll be seeing me whether you like it or not😆.

10/18 I’m back. Just listened to your LIFE CHANGING talk with Kevin Lackey. DUDES. you guys are my new life coaches, my new role models, my new rabbis even LOL! Wow! Thank you from the depths of my heart. There’s a saying in Judaism - Doing good for one, is like doing good for a world - since one person has the power to change the world (as you discussed on this very podcast). You've both changed my world. God blessed me with listening to this podcast at this point in my life. Chris, keep it up.

Oct. 19, 2021 by aderet smells on Apple Podcasts

The FORT with Chris Powers