The FORT with Chris Powers

The FORT with Chris Powers

The FORT host, Chris Powers, talks with leaders of businesses across real estate and a variety of industries. As the Founder of Fort Capital, Chris brings a unique perspective and style that allows for a meaningful conversation that dives deep into ideas and topics not regularly discussed. Chris covers each guest's story and explores in detail the critical moments that led to success, failure, growth, and confidence. Chris also strives to ask questions that provide practical wisdom that all listeners can learn from – not just in business, but in our personal lives. Thank you for listening!!

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Charlie Light - Founder of Alpha Social - How to use Twitter to build your business & brand

March 21, 2023

Charlie started the John W. Rich parody account, which became the springboard for his content agency, Alpha Social. Charlie has helped dozens of clients build up their personal brands with Twitter content, amassing millions …

Brandon Sedloff Interviews Chris: Reflections On My Career, Fort, Raising Capital, & Lessons Learned

March 16, 2023

Brandon Sedloff is Managing Director and Founding SVP of Sales at Juniper Square where he focuses on business development, and strategy and serves some of the world's largest institutional investment managers. Juniper Square…

Chad Cook - Founder of Quadrant Investment Properties - Placemaking & Developing Urban Office Properties | The FORT #268

March 14, 2023

In today’s episode, Chris is joined by Chad Cook, founder of Quadrant Investment Properties, a Dallas-based real estate investment company specializing in urban office opportunities. Before founding QIP, Chad was Vice Presid…

Collin McLelland - Co-Founder of Digital Wildcatters - Making Energy Great Again | The FORT #267

March 7, 2023

EPISODE #267 In today’s episode, Chris is joined by Collin McLelland, co-founder of Digital Wildcatters, a community of energy professionals who are changing the way that we think about energy. After leaving high school, Col…

Billy McFarland - Fyre Festival Founder - Story Details, Lessons Learned, How to Go Viral, and His New Venture | The FORT #266

Feb. 28, 2023

EPISODE #266 In today’s episode, Chris is joined by Billy McFarland, the founder of the controversial Fyre Festival event. The Fyre Festival dominated headlines in April 2017 when videos surfaced online promoting the festiva…