The FORT with Chris Powers

Favorite RE / Biz Podcast

After reaching out to ReTwit for RE podcasts to follow, many pointed me to Chris and the FORT. I started listening to the FORT and maybe 4 other recommendations, but Chris’s show is by far my favorite. More than just RE, I love that he covers a diverse set of guests from other businesses and investing. Even when I think a speaker will not interest me personally, Chris brings out aspects of their expertise that are interesting and relevant. It’s clear he does his research and takes this interviews seriously. His questions are thoughtful and he is not afraid to ask the speakers to go into more details that he is not familiar with.

I have put some podcasts on hold as I find myself hungry to listen through the backlog. On a technical note, the podcast is well produced with even volume levels throughout and clear speaking without being over produced. I am able to listen to most episodes at 1.5 speed which is very helpful. I highly recommend the FORT if you are interested in anything business related, nut just RE. And thanks for taking the time and effort to do this Chris!

Dec. 15, 2021 by C Ludeman on Apple Podcasts

The FORT with Chris Powers