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Great operator - solid perspective

Chris is one of the most cutting edge leaders in the real estate space. Wise beyond his years and willing to take risks, he tells it like it is. A must listen for anyone who is a student of the real estate investment game!

This is gold!

Amazing learning experience for all!

Commuting Gold!

I love Chris and this pod! I listen to it on my 3 hour drive each week, and take away valuable information with every episode. Only thing I don’t like is that there aren’t 1000 episodes, but if I know Chris, they will get there in no time at all! Much Love, ZJ

Great new podcast

Love where this is going. Well rounded group of guests. Inspring and relatable. *You do not need to be from Fort Worth to enjoy.

Shining a spotlight on FW

Fort Worth is still a hidden gem that more people are catching onto. Chris interviews a wide variety of what makes this big town so special.

Great Story Lines and Content

After listening to the Fort, it became very evident that Fort Worth has a lot of untapped potential and Chris has proven this by showcasing the talent in the market through the guests he has on the show. As a real estate professional I enjoy listening to the RE podcasts but I actually found myself enjoying the other indutstry professionals episodes about the same if not more. Helps you to think in a different way. I think a lot times I fall into the "groupthink" category and it's great to step back and listen to other perspectives. Big fan of Sean Ding! Great content on the episodes that dive into real life challenges that people face both professionally and personally. Keep up the great work Chris!

Love this

Chris and his team are building one of my favorite podcasts of texas founders and leaders. Love listening to it.

Thank you!

Congrats and Thank you for putting out content to enlighten and help other entrepreneurs. Success is important and plentiful... thanks for sharing!

Awesome podcast.

Fort Worth is lucky to have Chris! Smart guy with a fresh perspective and ideas, he is working hard to make the city a better place. The really cool part is he shares what he knows and we get to learn what has made Fort Capital so successful. He gives it all away for free right here...

Love this!

We will be using this for our leadership training ... so informative, great questions, all around authentic and beneficial to listeners!

Insightful & Inspiring

From the brain of a successful entrepreneur - you'll find no fluff and only insightful and inspiring content in this podcast. Chris has a way of finding interviewees with stories that will push you to be better in more ways than one. A must listen. Enjoy!

Listen if you want to feel inspired!

Fort Worth, Texas is filled with some of the brightest, entrepreneurial minds in the world, and Chris is shedding light on their amazing stories! This isn’t just your typical “business” podcast. Each episode tells a great story and leaves me feeling inspired!

Quality conversations

Chris provides great insight into the lives of entrepreneurs from the vastly undiscovered city of Fort Worth. It’s just simple conversations, but the content is high quality.

John Peterson

Chris has gathered up interesting, successful folks around Texas and Fort Worth for the FORT podcast. Each one of these episodes is different and inspiring in their own way. For such a young guy, the success he has achieved in his brief business life should in itself draw listeners for inspiration both young and old. Great follow! 🤙🏼

Chris crushes this podcast!

I’m always super nervous to try new podcasts but after I listened to The Fort, I am hooked! Love hearing Chris and these founders share stories on how they scaled their companies to where they are now. Amazing podcast!


I love Chris and his insight into the business world and Fort Worth! Each episode has been very motivating and inspiring, and I look forward to hearing more!

Highly recommend!! Inspirational stories and people!!!

Great Podcast with inspirational stories and individuals that provide a tremendous amount of real world value!

Amazing people, amazing stories!

Chris has hit a home-run with this podcast. I highly recommend taking a listen, he sits down with great people who share amazing insights about the future of business, inspiration to follow your passions and overcoming failure. I love it!