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Best podcast on entrepreneurship

Chris is a world class interviewer. What’s so great is that he’s an entrepreneur as well so he knows exactly what to ask. I’ve learned so much!

Great Business Podcast

Chris does a great job at asking guests very thought provoking questions. He’s not afraid to go more in-depth and peel back the onion. Overall very educational and fascinating.

Too 10 real estate podcast

Great podcast that covers everything in the real estate industry. Well spoken and easy to listen to

Great business podcast with a personal touch

As a podcast myself, I can appreciate the content and the format of the show. With the great questions that are asked and the variety of guests, I always look forward to the next episode!


Just found this podcast, it’s amazing! But, I have to be careful to not drink the kool-aid when it comes to industrial real estate

Best podcast on the planet

No one else makes content like the fort does. I really enjoy every guest he has on especially in the real estate private equity sector.

Great Podcast

Informative questions, interesting guests, value derived from every episode.

The Fort is one of the best podcasts from Twitter

Really enjoy Chris and his guest choices, they share great information and life/business lessons along the way, in a very entertaining way.

Chris at Fort Capital

I’m always skeptical about these types of Podcast because it’s so easy for the host to just talk their own book but I love what Chris at Fort Capital presents and his guest give useful information which is refreshing. I love this Podcast!! Kyle Wilks.

Interesting and Educational

Chris is an amazing interviewer. Clearly well prepared and knowledgeable. Love the topics and information he gets his interviewees to share.

Incredible Content!

I came across The Fort with Chris Powers by a recommendation to listen to Episode 206 with Scott Everett, founder of S2. That show was fire, chalked full of content and genuine synergy between Chris & Scott. The show has become a favorite. Thanks for providing such great value Chris.

Outstanding Podcast

Episode 235 with Steve Robinson is amazing. Listening to it for the second time because it’s so good!

Makes me want to Work Harder Great Podcast, Great Man!

Great Podcast! I love listening to Chris. He strives to attain great guests and asks deep questions.

Absolutely Worthwhile Listening To

This is a great podcast for anyone to listen to, not just those with an interest in Real Estate. Chris Powers and the thoughtful and successful individuals he has on his podcast engage in meaningful, intelligent, and real-time market conversations that are very worthwhile listening to. I had the privilege of listening to Mr. Powers during a presentation he made at TCU this year, and his knowledge, experience, connections in the buisness world of real estate is so extensive I felt like I should have been paying to be at that presentation. This podcast is an extension of that, and the fact that it’s free to the listeners is a huge bonus they should take full advantage of. Thank you, Chris Powers

Are You Kidding Me?

Amazing real time market commentary from local market experts and just sitting here at everyone’s finger tips (for free!). A must-listen for anyone paying attention to the DFW industrial market in this inflationary, raising interest rate environment.

Great business insight!

Great weekly business insight from all industries! 5/5!

Insightful, Informative, & Interesting!

Highly recommend this podcast; full of encouraging and engaging topics; impactful conversations captured; features guests from various backgrounds and professions… listen and learn! You will not be disappointed!

Always a Worthwhile Listen

Really appreciate this podcast; I find it to be relevant, insightful, inspiring, and challenging! Full of real-estate, investing, and entrepreneurial wisdom.

Helps me think about my business

Very good pod series. Even a non-RE biz person will get a lot out of this. Chris is a good interviewer and asks smart questions. Interesting guest!

Business is boomin!

Transparent convos with real people moving the needle. The JRE of biz :-)

Thoughtful Conversations

I like Chris’s approach w/guests w/well thought out questions and he’s a good listener. Some pod hosts are too busy interrupting guests. I like that he covers many different sides of the CRE biz.

Great Podcast

While it’s about real estate and investing at its core, they bridge all topics in an entertaining way. Great representatives of Fort Worth as well.

Thoughtful interviews, great questions & lessons learned

Chris is a really thoughtful interviewer so it's a pleasure to listen along as he learns from a variety of accomplished people in real estate and other fields.


I look forward to every Tuesday’s new episode! Chris is a great host who allows his guests to tell their story with thought-provoking questions. You do not have to be in Real Estate to enjoy this podcast.

A really well done show

I’m not a broker or full time real estate professional, but I still find the show to be extremely insightful and entertaining. It’s a very unique mix of guests that are each able to deliver great information in an engaging way and Chris does a really good job at interviewing them in a humble way. I’ve ended up following multiple guests after their appearance on the show. Really well done!


I really enjoy the conversations and subject matter of this podcast

Favorite RE / Biz Podcast

After reaching out to ReTwit for RE podcasts to follow, many pointed me to Chris and the FORT. I started listening to the FORT and maybe 4 other recommendations, but Chris’s show is by far my favorite. More than just RE, I love that he covers a diverse set of guests from other businesses and investing. Even when I think a speaker will not interest me personally, Chris brings out aspects of their expertise that are interesting and relevant. It’s clear he does his research and takes this interviews seriously. His questions are thoughtful and he is not afraid to ask the speakers to go into more details that he is not familiar with. I have put some podcasts on hold as I find myself hungry to listen through the backlog. On a technical note, the podcast is well produced with even volume levels throughout and clear speaking without being over produced. I am able to listen to most episodes at 1.5 speed which is very helpful. I highly recommend the FORT if you are interested in anything business related, nut just RE. And thanks for taking the time and effort to do this Chris!

FORTunate to have this resource!

Chris is the man! I'm consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas happening here. No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend The FORT enough 🙌

Great content

Always interesting and relevant content.

Trust me, JUST LISTEN. The rest will follow

My boss develops major industrial developments across the north-East urban infill markets. I stumbled across Chris on Twitter since I started working (I’m 22). Chris, After going through your entire twitter page, I just finished the first podcast. I’ll skip the stuff viewers prob wouldn’t care for, but let’s just say Im hooked. My first thoughts, which I felt in my bones, after listening to your first podcast were, so where do I sign up? And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do now. Sign up. Get up and Show myself what I’m capable of. Thank you to Jason Baxter and the legend from PCU as well! Best of luck. You’ll be seeing me whether you like it or not😆. 10/18 I’m back. Just listened to your LIFE CHANGING talk with Kevin Lackey. DUDES. you guys are my new life coaches, my new role models, my new rabbis even LOL! Wow! Thank you from the depths of my heart. There’s a saying in Judaism - Doing good for one, is like doing good for a world - since one person has the power to change the world (as you discussed on this very podcast). You've both changed my world. God blessed me with listening to this podcast at this point in my life. Chris, keep it up.