March 21, 2023

Charlie Light - Founder of Alpha Social - How to use Twitter to build your business & brand

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Charlie started the John W. Rich parody account, which became the springboard for his content agency, Alpha Social. Charlie has helped dozens of clients build up their personal brands with Twitter content, amassing millions of followers for his clients and 190,000+ followers on his John W. Rich account. In June of 2022, Alpha Social was acquired by Workweek.


On this episode Chris & Charlie discuss:

  • How starting a parody account on Twitter (John W. Rich) led to launching a ghostwriting agency
  • How to build an online audience
  • The value of twitter for building a business & brand
  • How to use Twitter to launch a business


Key Takeaways:


(2:02) - Charlie on creating the John W. Rich Twitter account

(8:04) - Is there a way to monetize this account to be a full-time business?

(10:19) - How’d you select John’s profile photo?

(11:22) - How have you leveraged this account into a content agency?

(13:10) - What is a client looking for when they come to work with you?

(18:02) - What’s the cadence for a client’s content release?

(20:09) - Do you encourage your clients to basically “do whatever they want” alongside the content you’re creating for them?

(21:57) - What is the value of taking Twitter seriously?

(24:07) - How are your clients building up accounts into businesses?

(28:15) - How often should you be telling the story that you build your account on?

(30:22) - Are there any hacks you’ve learned from Twitter to make it a better experience?

(34:53) - Has Twitter gotten worse since Elon took over?

(40:21) - Why do you think users enjoy reading threads?

(44:59) - Is there any emerging trend you’re seeing that is working for Twitter engagement?

(49:38) - Do you think that people can separate the shit post from the shit poster?

(55:42) - What was the process of selling your agency to Workweek and what is your role with them now?

(57:10) - How will the creator economy evolve over the next 5 years?



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