Jan. 13, 2023

Fort Capital’s 2022 Year in Review | The FORT #258

Fort Capital’s 2022 Year in Review | The FORT #258

In today’s episode, Chris Powers and Jason Baxter take a look at the last year for Fort Capital, and discuss the biggest wins of the year, how our team and technology has progressed, how we are looking at the market in 2023, what makes Fort Capital so special and much, much more.

At Fort Capital, our mission is to become the best real estate operator in the entire world. We’re always considering how we can operate better, how we can acquire more real estate to improve our credibility and track record, to attract top tier talent, and drive more profit and returns to our investors.

So I’m delighted to say that following off the back of an incredible year in 2021, in which we smashed all of the targets we outlined in last year’s Year in Review, we have stretched even further in 2022, to outperform our initial goals in every metric we set out.



The Background of 2022

Here at Fort Capital, we don’t often take a step back and think about all the progress that we’re making. 

So every year when we look back at what we accomplished over the course of the year, we begin to think questions like:


How did we accomplish this?

What processes lead us here?

How can we do more of that?


So when we listened to last year’s Year in Review, we realized that we had broken so many internal records that we had, and we were totally amazed and how we achieved what we had set out for ourselves.

In 2021, when we complete over $500+ million worth of transactions - 3x our initial goal - we set the target to achieve that again in 2022, and to prove that it wasn’t an outlier.


The Targets We Set

We had a very strong start to the year, we had multiple deals in the pipeline to the tune of $80-90 million.

But everyone knew that the economy might start to get shaky, and no-one knew what the year was going to hold.

But even with that, we ended up accomplishing more than we did in the year before, and we are incredibly excited to share that with you today. 

In 2021 we set very aggressive goals for ourselves, but in 2022 we matched that, and we are so grateful to be able to do this with essentially the same amount of people, meaning our team has leveled up in so many ways this year.


Continuous Improvement

A staple of our culture here at Fort Capital is one of continuous improvement. So every single time we see an opportunity to improve something, we use it as a chance to raise the standards across our entire company.

So with our quarterly investor report, we had a good structure and process in place to deliver that four times a year. There were very little complaints from the investor side, and we got accurate data out on time for the investor.

From the outside it looked fine, but on the inside, we knew it was an opportunity to improve.

And within three months, we had an investor report that looked entirely different to the one prior.

So now, we're able to do better quality reporting in real time with live re-forecasted assets, the day of the report, essentially shrinking weeks worth of reports into just a couple days’ worth of work.

By eliminating all that extra work internally, now we can serve our investors better, while having more time to provide more value on operations of the actual assets and finding new deals.

But that's an example of by identifying something that appears to be just to make it look better, and feel better, right from an outside viewpoint. Because it's roughly the same information, just much easier to understand and read. 

The impact long term is blindingly obvious. Now saving 3-4 weeks every quarter, our ability to execute at a higher level has increased massively, allowing us to operate better, acquire more real estate, and drive higher returns to our investors.


Check out the rest of the episode to hear our biggest wins of 2022!


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