Nov. 15, 2022

#250: David Serna - Founders Podcast - The DNA of a Founder

David Senra is the Founder of Founders Podcast. David has devoted his career to learning from history's greatest entrepreneurs. 


David is on a mission to document the best ideas from the life and work of history’s most formidable people —and share those lessons through his podcast so others can benefit. He lives in Miami with his wife and two children. 


On this episode, Chris and David discuss:


  • His story and the challenges he faced growing up that shaped who he is today.
  • Building his pod – a peak inside what an average week looks like.
  • A deep dive discussion on founder characteristics and everything he's learned from reading hundreds of auto-biographies on the world's most extraordinary founders.
  • A discussion on the economics and business of podcasting.


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Links to Books, Apps, Websites, etc. Mentioned on this episode:

Sam Walton Autobiography

Paul Graham essays

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The Everything Store

Kanye West Netflix documentary

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Trader Joe’s Autobiography

Readwise App

Becoming Steve Jobs

Charles Kettering Biography

A Man For All Markets

Dark Genius of Wall Street




(3:58) - Introducing David

(6:11) - David’s background

(15:32) - David’s passion for reading

(17:00) - Reflecting on how we are shaped by our past

(22:37) - Do you think it’s possible to build a generational business without childhood trauma?

(30:20) - What led to you starting the podcast?

(43:36) - What kept you going during your first 2 years when the show wasn’t profitable?

(1:06:55) - What does a week in the life of David Senra look like?

(1:15:07) - What was it about your appearance on ‘Invest like the Best’ that exploded the show?

(1:20:09) - How big is the opportunity for podcasting?

(1:50:46)- Of everyone you have studied, who is the #1 person in your eyes?

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