Feb. 14, 2023

Troy Robertson - Co-Founder of Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company - Building a World-Class Brand | The FORT #263

EPISODE #263 In today’s episode, Chris is joined by the co-founder of the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company, Troy Robertson.


Troy grew up in West Texas in a family that was heavily involved in the oil and gas industry. He studied business at Texas Tech University before going on to spend 10 years in the finance side of oil and gas.


Troy took the responsibility of fundraising, structuring, strategy, and operations evaluation for more than 20 portfolio companies, some even reaching a size of $1 billion.


But Troy decided to follow his creative entrepreneurial spirit and carved his own path in the business he is passionate about, the whiskey business.


In today’s episode, Chris and Troy sit down to discuss behind-the-scenes in the whiskey business, how to build a world-class brand, and the details of building (and exiting) a successful business.


Make sure to check it out!


Key Takeaways:


Intro (00:00)

How Troy got started in whiskey (01:11)

Why was nobody making whiskey in Texas before? (07:41)

Pursuing whiskey full-time (11:09)

Coming up with a name (18:03)

Making a unique pitch (35:12)

Troy’s big influence (39:12)

Purchasing a golf course (1:01:11)

Mistakes made along the way (1:04:53)

Deciding to sell (1:14:16)

Did Troy want to sell? (1:20:09)


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