March 23, 2023

Peter Askew - Founder of Deep South Ventures - Investing in Domain Names

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Peter Askew runs a bootstrapped, .com domain development business (often solo). He typically sources domains from the expired aftermarket and uses their descriptive nature as inspiration for each venture.


Current projects: | |


On this episode Chris & Peter discuss:

  • Investing in domains 101 and why ".com" is king
  • How to build job boards & why they're so valuable
  • How to build businesses from purchased domains

Key Takeaways:


(2:05) - How did you become a failed domain investor?

(6:42) - What does “building a project” mean in your world?

(13:30) - How would a common person find these domain marketplaces?

(16:36) - How do you value Domains?

(21:47) - How did you get from buying a domain for onions to actually selling the onions?

(27:05) - Why aren’t you in a hurry to grow the business?

(28:30) - The domain industry

(31:24) - What makes an amazing domain investor?

(33:15) - Can I simply license out domain names?

(37:21) - Can people hack and steal domain names?

(39:04) - Does AI or Web3 disrupt this space?

(40:37) - What’s the most valuable domain name in the industry?

(42:14) - Do you have to have a site in order to monetize a domain?

(45:47) - How would you build a job board for an industry from scratch?



Additional Resources


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