Feb. 21, 2023

Nathan Barry - Founder of ConvertKit - How Creators Are Taking Over The World | The FORT #265

EPISODE #265 In today’s episode, Chris is joined by the founder of ConvertKit, Nathan Barry.


Nathan’s journey to helping creators all around the world began when he was doing web design in high school before expanding into freelance blogging and content creation.


But after deciding to launch a book to promote his web design service, Nathan racked up more than $19,000 in sales in just the first week, at which point he decided to go all-in on digital products and building an audience.


After a friend introduced him to the power of email marketing in the content creation space, Nathan decided he wanted to start his own software business, ConvertKit, in January 2013.


In today’s episode, Nathan sits down with Chris to discuss why email is still king, leveraging AI technology for content creators, and what the most successful creators are doing now.


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Key Takeaways:


Intro (00:00)

Nathan’s backstory (02:11)

Is email making a resurgence? (11:00)

Does everyone need a newsletter? (17:04)

The limitations of email (23:34)

The dark side of newsletters (28:32)

Building trust at scale (36:12)

What’s ahead for creators? (46:17)

Sticking to one platform (59:17)

The power of AI (1:15:09)


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