March 7, 2023

Collin McLelland - Co-Founder of Digital Wildcatters - Making Energy Great Again | The FORT #267

EPISODE #267 In today’s episode, Chris is joined by Collin McLelland, co-founder of Digital Wildcatters, a community of energy professionals who are changing the way that we think about energy.


After leaving high school, Collin knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and decided to learn about the oil and gas industry. He worked on roughnecking oil rigs in West Texas.


Collin spent the next 10 years working on every major oilfield across the country, from Alaska all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.


In 2018, Collin decided that millennial engineers needed a new way to think about oil and gas, and realizing that there was no way for people to get more information about the industry, and started The Oil and Gas Podcast. 


Just before the pandemic in 2020, Collin decided to go full-time on Digital Wildcatters, which tries to educate society and raise their awareness of the energy industry.


Today, Collin speaks with Chris about his views on different energy types, why Bitcoin mining is actually good for the environment, and how he thinks about building a community.


Key Takeaways:


Intro (00:00)

Collin’s background (02:55)

What Digital Wildcatters is trying to achieve (05:49)

Why do oil and gas have such a bad reputation? (12:20)

The US energy policy (19:01)

What’s interesting about geothermal energy (36:50) 

The impact of bitcoin mining around the world (40:23)

The future of energy (49:43)

Are oil and gas the most prolific energy source? (55:06)


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